Event Recap — Hack n Code

Earth Hacks
2 min readMay 6, 2022


The challenge statements for HackNCode 5.0

HackNCode 5.0 was the 5th annual 2-day hackathon organized by IET MPSTME (Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering) On Campus, based in Mumbai, India; which took place on March 26–27th, 2022. This was the second year the event was held virtually, and over 400 participants attended with a total of 50 projects submitted. All participants were given certificates and had a chance to win around $785 (₹60,000) in cash prizes. This was the second year Earth Hacks has supported HackNCode!

The hackathon focused on exploring project that could help make peoples’ lives easier and healthier all over the planet. Challenge tracks included:

Digital futures: helping improve people’s lives through technology

Sustainability and climate change: helping the planet through sustainable living

Healthy lives: helping people live healthier lives

Special guests included Mr.Priyanga Ambanwala, Committee member of the IET Control & Automation Technical Network and Mr.Vimal Chaubey, Secretary of IET Mumbai Local Network.

The IET MPSTME On-Campus team, shared that “The seamless and smooth execution of the hackathon that took place in an online environment is one of the things that we are most proud of. Other than that, the number of people taking an active interest in the hackathon not only from all over India, but around the world is one big milestone for us. Overall our hackathon was a big success which is the main thing we are proud of”.