Event Recap — CruzHacks 2022

  • Best Beginner Hack
  • Best UI/UX
  • Best Golden State Hack (California-themed Projects)
  • Best High School Project (by Santa Cruz Works)
  • Best Environmental Education Project (by Earth Hacks)
  • Best Project Leveraging Open-Source Projects (by CROSS @ UCSC)
  • Best Hardware Hack (through MLH, by Digi-Key)
  1. Antonio Xu Liu (Manager, Special Projects DEI at National Grid)
  2. Ashish Airon (Co-Founder of CogniTensor, Founder of BlitzBusiness)
  3. Neel Sundaresan (Vice President of Engineering at Microsoft)
  4. Sadie St Lawrence (Founder / CEO of Women in Data)
  5. Sarma Velamuri (Co-Founder / CEO of Luminare)
  6. Tara Hernandez (Senior Engineering Manager at Google)



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Earth Hacks

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